Course Objectives

Representing fundamental principles of university life.

Course Content

What is university life?
Becoming a world citizen
Our ethical values
Sustainable Campus
Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Effective learning procedures
Time Management
Individual wellbeing
Workshops on culture –art – design- technology – sport
Final Study; overall evaluation on Course

Course Learning Outcomes

1. Understanding the requirements of university life.
2. Knowing the principles of common life.
3. Recognizing culture, art, technology and sport.
4. Developing awareness of existing as a young adult in society


The course is non-credit. The evaluation system will be given as Pass / Fail and will consist of two stages. First phrase is attending to events and second phrase is completing “student data entry” at It is necessary to get at least 60 points in total from the events defined in the Orientation Days. A certification would be given as diploma supplement.